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We are a Ugandan youth development non-profit organization. We recruit youth who have dropped out of school due to different life circumstances and train them in vocational, technical and artistry skills. All products here are handmade by our youth and when you make a purchase, 100% of your money goes back into our programs. Thank you, Webale nnyo.

Why Choose Youth Rising?

Youth Rising centers are a response to the high youth unemployment challenge with over 80% of 15 – 30-year olds who constitute over 70% of Uganda’s population having no access to any form employment. In Uganda, young people generally face higher-than-average rates of HIV/AIDs, teenage pregnancy, early marriage and substance abuse coupled with limited educational and economic opportunities. Many youth are non-schooling and/or unemployed and instead turn to risky behaviors and crime, such as theft and prostitution to sustain their livelihoods. 

So, for every item you purchase from our store, you are giving an opportunity for a young person to learn a new skill, join productive employment, learn about their health, make better informed decisions about their reproductive health and overall, changing livelihoods. 

We got an unforgettable opportunity of visiting Youth Rising. We volunteered 2 weeks of our time and we were overwhelmed by the talents that the young people have and how buying a small product from them can change their careers and livelihoods.

Dana & Scott Newell
Phoenix Arizona

About Us

Martin & Phylicia

Founders of Youth Rising

Martin growing up in Uganda saw very many of his childhood friends and siblings dropping out of school due to several circumstances. He wasn't privileged either as he scrapped to college on generous efforts of community members, the local church and scholarships. 

Upon graduating from the university, he wanted to do something for the so many young people whose dreams are crushed every year because they wont be able to continue with school. When he met and fell in love with Phylicia in 2015, this dream was solidified. 

Phylicia dedicated 2 years working with Martin to set up the first youth center in Kampala and recruit, train and empower staff who currently work with youth. Youth Rising has grown to 4 youth centers in the past 2 years, training over 300 youth per year and employing over 30 staff and volunteers. 

We believe in the power of young people when they are given an opportunity to create. That is why we are not asking you for mere donations to support them but giving you a chance to empower them further by purchasing what they have made and earned. 

Phylicia & Martin currently live in the U.S and do biannual visits to Uganda. Join us on one of our trips and experience Youth Rising and beautiful Uganda. Contact us for details.



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